How to Effectively Plan your Product Distribution

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When it comes to getting your product on shelves it’s important to create a well thought out strategy to get your product to the point of sale as efficiently as possible and a good strategy should consider a few factors.

To help give you an idea of the areas you should cover when strategising Bosworth Wright have come up with this handy guide, to help you plan the most efficient possible distribution for your product.

Consider your business model

Some things to consider here are who is your target audience? What exactly is your product and your company location compared to your customers’ location? Once you’ve looked at these factors then you can begin to focus on other areas such as price point etc.

Be on the lookout for suitable distribution partners

Through a bit of careful planning, you can help identify like-minded companies to help distribute your products to your customers.

Research your competitors and find out the companies that they are using to move their product. How efficiently are they getting their products to their customer base?

This part is important as poor partners, equals inefficient distribution and as a result could cost your business in terms of both customers and overheads.

Set a price point

The price point of your product will ultimately have a huge impact on your distribution strategy.

How your product is priced not only affects your customers but will impact your distribution overheads, for example, is your product fragile.

This will have a knock-on effect as you may have to allow for breakages which could drive costs up.

A way to counter this is to ensure that your packaging is suitable for the product your shipping. For more information view our guide on made to order wholesale packaging.

Consider logistics

The distance from you to the point of sale and your customers, as well as the details in the above point, are all things critical when it comes to logistics.

Listing these in detail will ensure a more efficient distribution strategy.

Understanding distribution metrics

By assigning control to a relevant party and ensuring the metrics they are using to measure efficiency are being properly observed, you can be assured that your product distribution strategy is improving consistently.

Ask the question who is observing quality control, such as ensuring that products are delivered on time and in a salable condition? And who is measuring the efficiency of said distribution channels and how accurately?

Consider your wholesale packaging

If your product is incorrectly packaged then you risk damage and losing items in transit. This as mentioned earlier can drive up your costs and lower the overall efficiency of your distribution strategy.

For a quote on made to measure wholesale packaging bespoke to your product and your requirements, you’ll need to talk to a company with a wealth of experience in the industry.

At Bosworth Wright, we have been established since the 1900s so when it comes to wholesale cardboard packaging, you could argue that we know a thing or two.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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