Our Manufacturing Process, adapting our traditional skills to meet modern demand


Cardboard Box Manufacturing Process

As a cardboard box manufacturer with a rich history of serving the region, over the years, our company has grown in expertise and developed a cardboard box manufacturing process which is both quick and efficient.

This enables us to produce large volumes of large cardboard boxes and small cardboard boxes to cater to any order, and always for a competitive price. We manufacture both corrugated board boxes as well as solid board boxes as well as customised gift boxes, ideal for any packaging project.

The result is a high-quality, strong and sturdy piece of packaging which is custom-made to your specification, and that you can trust to be fit for the task at hand. We are centrally located in Leicester and deliver extensively throughout Leicestershire and Nottingham.

Beginning with flat sheets of board (either corrugated or solid), we form these sheets into cartons or boxes with lids. This is done using specialist machinery, operated by our highly trained and skilled personnel who have a wealth of experience in the trade.

Custom cardboard box manufacturer

We pride ourselves on offering the complete service and can undertake custom cardboard box cutting, slotting, folding, bending, glueing and stitching to shape and trim the board into the desired form.

Whatever kind of product we are manufacturing, and however large or small the order, we use a combination of the best materials and expert techniques to produce custom made packaging boxes of the very highest quality. All with a friendly and efficient local delivery service.

If you’d like to enquire about ordering from Bosworth Wright, get in touch today. We deliver within a 30-mile radius of Leicester, which includes Nottingham and Leicestershire so if your business is based locally, make us your first choice for all of your cardboard packaging needs.

We will consider the market you are aiming your products at i.e. gift/industrial/domestic, and the method to be used to transport the item to the end user.

Once we have ascertained these factors we can consider the use and offer you a choice of solutions.

After the consultation stage we will give you a quotation based on the style of the carton to be made and the quantity you will need.

We need an Official Order Number to include your company name/personal details, delivery address (and invoice if different to the delivery). You will then be gift your customer number.

A worksheet is created which gives instructions to our production operative on the carton’s style, thickness, and type of board to be used. A product ID number is created so, when the item is ordered again, all the production details are on file.

The board is ordered or taken from stock. The product is made to your Order instructions.

We invoice and contact you to arrange method of delivery.

2 delivery notes are created. One is signed by your Goods Inward Department, the other retained by us as proof of delivery.

The invoice and delivery notes have the same Unique Number for easy identification by your Accounts/Orders/Goods Inward Departments.

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