Bosworth Wrights Guide to the Advantages of Made-to-Order Packaging

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Bosworth Wright has been involved in the packaging industry for nearly 100 years, and are generally regarded as one of the East Midlands leading suppliers in wholesale packaging. With a rich history of supplying solutions to the shoe and hosiery trades, we understand what it takes to make the effective wholesale packaging options that we offer to our customers and that is also why we offer a bespoke solution based on our client’s needs.

Why is bespoke better than standardised packaging? We’re glad you asked! To answer that question we have compiled this guide to help you understand the benefits of made-to-order packaging as compared to off the shelf packaging.

Bespoke packaging reduces the risk of damage (and returns)

Packaging specifically designed for your products ensures that they will fit securely and increases their protection in transit. This has the knock-on effect of them being less likely to be damaged whilst on the move and as a result fewer returns, which means less overhead expenses for your business.

A bespoke design can aid productivity

If your packaging is bulky and difficult to assemble then ultimately it will take more man-hours to pack and be ready to ship. On the contrary, having made to order packaging solutions, tailored to your products, ensures not only ease of assembly but will ultimately save time and expenses as a result.

Reduction of transport costs

Returning briefly to our first point, if your products don’t fit snugly and securely in their packaging, you are effectively minimising the efficiency of the available transport space on offer. It will also incur greater costs on filling materials in order to protect your items. A bespoke packaging solution can help counter this allowing you to maximise packaging space and ultimately ship more product for fewer costs.

Contact Bosworth Wright today to discuss your packaging options

With our wealth of experience in the packaging industry, Bosworth Wright is proud to offer a range of packaging solutions tailored to our clients.

From corrugated wholesale packaging, to our coated solid board gift boxes, we manufacture all of our products to our customer’s exact specifications.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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