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If you are looking for packaging companies in Nottingham, then look no further than Bosworth Wright! Our services extend throughout the East Midlands and our experience extends way beyond that!

We have been supplying packaging solutions for companies for over 90 years! Orders range from varying sizes to whatever you are looking for.

Simply let us know what you need and how much of it you require, and we will calculate the best price for you. And what makes us different is that we have been in this industry for a long time and we understand the needs of our customers.

This is why there hasn’t been an order to date that we haven’t been able to complete, and there hasn’t been a task too big for us to overlook. Our service is completely bespoke and we will consult with you to work out the best solution for your requirements.

So if you’re Nottingham based and looking for a packaging company, then get in touch today to see what we can do for you!

Step 1: Consultation

We will consider the market you are aiming your products at i.e. gift/industrial/domestic, and the method to be used to transport the item to the end-user. Once we have ascertained these factors we can consider the use and offer you a choice of solutions.

Step 2: Progress of the Order

After the consultation stage, we will give you a quotation based on the style of the carton to be made and the quantity you will need.
We need an Official Order Number to include your company name/personal details, delivery address (and invoice if different to the delivery). You will then be given your customer number.

Step 3: Manufacture

A worksheet is created which gives instructions to our production operative on the carton’s style, thickness, and type of board to be used. A product ID number is created so when the item is ordered again, all the production details are on file. The board is ordered or taken from stock. The product is made to your Order instructions.

Step 4: Delivery

We invoice and contact you to arrange a method of delivery.
2 delivery notes are created. One is signed by your Goods Inward Department, the other retained by us as proof of delivery.
The invoice and delivery notes have the same Unique Number for easy identification by your Accounts/Orders/Goods Inward Departments.

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Leading Family Based Packaging Supplies in Nottingham

If you are not quite familiar with what you are looking for, then that’s no problem, we are! And we will consult with you to find the perfect solution for you and your requirements.

We have customers who place orders with us every single month and some less frequently and whatever you’re looking for, you can rest assured that our team of experts will be on hand to assist you. We take orders for a number of different purposes.

So whether you are simply looking for any kind of domestic purpose or a commercial one, we will have your purpose in mind.

Our range varies from Die Cut Cartons to Corrugated Cardboard Boxes, Covered Solid Board Boxes for Gift Sets to Regular Solid Board Boxes. Whatever you have in mind, we will most likely cater for you.

If you are not quite sure, then let us know the purpose for which you need packaging for and we will advise you accordingly.

Contact us today & get your packaging journey started!

So with all of the above in mind, you now know that there is no job too big or small for us. And whatever size your job is, we will cater for it – and why not! We love what we do here at Bosworth Wright, and we’ve been here since the 1920’s!

So you are guaranteed an efficient and experienced service from us. What makes your experience even more exciting is that we offer delivery on local orders. Simply place an order with us and ask us about this initiative.

Get in touch today! Our friendly and experienced team is waiting for your enquiry. So if you’re looking for packaging companies in Nottingham, Call us on 0116 236 2231


Corrugated Cardboard

The 0201 style is a widely used style of cartons, the flaps meet top and bottom in the middle tapes is used to join the flaps together. There are a number of variants on this style the choice of which is determined by the use to which the carton will be used. Typical cost: 18x18x18 (457x457x457) is £1.30 each 12x12x12 (305x305x305) is £1.10 each We can use a thicker board to make a stronger carton.

Covered Solid Board Boxes

This range of boxes and lids are solid board covered by coloured specialist paper mostly used in retail/luxury markets. These are made to order. Once again our machinery enables us to manufacture small runs without the need for tooling costs. We have a hot foil printing facility on site the maximum print area is 100x100mm and is usually printed on the lid. You have a choice of colours for the inside of the box: Natural/White or Black. Typical price for 50 for 500 pieces: 310x65x65mm £2.05 each 410x310x55mm £4.65 each These boxes can be lined with silk type material in a choice of colours.

Die Cut Carton

This type of box takes up less storage space the style of the carton is a 0427. No need for tape as the box self-lock. This box is cut on a metal die so the dimensions cannot be changed without a new die being made. These boxes are ideal for the cost-conscious internet deliveries by mail they are lighter in weight than a carton made in 201 style. We have a wide selection of sizes in stock. Typical cost: 100x100x100mm £0.46 each 420x275x40mm £0.75 each Ask for the ideal size. We can make it for you or choose the nearest.

Die Cut Stock Boxes

We have a range of sizes manufactured in B-Flute and E Flute, cake transit boxes, shoe/boot boxes, storage boxes. All are supplied flat. Typical cost: Shoe Boxes from £0.38 each Cake Transit from £0.42 each.

Solid Board Boxes

This style is usually a wire stitched Box and Lid. Delivered erected which does use up more storage space, these are made to Order our machinery enables us to manufacture small runs without the need for tooling. Board thickness from 0.7mm to 1.8mm is held in stock for immediate conversion. Ideal for engineering parts and Document Storage. The durable board gives these products a longer working life than corrugated board ones. Typical cost: 110x50x50mm £0.62 each 375x250x260mm £6.00 each 509x400x75mm £3.50 each

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