Discovering Your Christmas Packaging Options

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If there’s one time of year when packaging solutions come into their own, it’s Christmas and for many businesses, Christmas represents the biggest commercial opportunity of the year as well as the busiest period.

Not only do customers have long lists of packaging to source for themselves, but businesses as well especially those in online retail. If your business is independent it’s important to keep up customer satisfaction and to stay ahead of the crowd, as Christmas is quite an intense retail period for competition.

To stay ahead in your industry it is important to source wholesale goods for the Christmas period including your packaging in advance.

At Bosworth Wright we have experience and reputation as one of the area’s leading suppliers of cardboard boxes and cartons,
since the 1920s, our family business has been supplying made to order boxes in a variety of sizes. Heres how we can help you

Packing for products

Individually packaged products have an element of gift-giving, especially during the Christmas period, packaged products add value to your customers, especially if the product is delicate, expensive or fragile.

Bosworth Wright can offer each of our customers a truly bespoke service, so you can give your customer the ultimate customer experience. We can create your cardboard packaging from high-quality materials including solid board and corrugated card.

Packing for delivery

Businesses send more orders out during Christmas than any other time of year. Make sure your company is prepared for the rush of orders by sourcing wholesale delivery packaging. Whether you’re boxing up orders, delivering hampers or gifting by boxed delivery we have all your companies packaging needs to be ready.

Whatever material you choose with us at Bosworth Wright we can ensure that our boxes will protect your products and customer orders by delivering strong, secure packaging which is not porous when in the environment or susceptible to grime.


We care about our environment, and there’s no doubt that at Christmas unnecessary non-recycled waste is doubled. We are happy to produce packaging solutions that are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.

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