How To Dispose Of Your Used Cardboard The Green Way

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Used cardboard lying around your workplace can become a bit of a nuisance if not dealt with in the correct way, not to mention it can be a massive fire hazard! Regularly clearing out your used packaging supplies is a must to ensure your work area doesn’t become inundated with boxes cluttering up the place. 

However, before you go piling all of your used cardboard into black bags ready for the landfill, consider a greener alternative and recycle. To help with the preparation work Bosworth Wright has come up with this handy guide to help rid yourself of your used cardboard and help mother earth at the same time.

Is all cardboard biodegradable?

As a general rule, all cardboard is biodegradable unless it has been covered with a manmade material. However, some cardboard types break down easier than others, and the environment that the cardboard is in can have a varying effect on this.

For example, corrugated cardboard, when wet will break down relatively easily; however, when dry will take longer. Solid board will take longer due to its denser makeup.

One thing to note is that whilst the cardboard itself is biodegradable, the packing tape and staples will not be, so before you break down and stack your boxes for collection, make sure you remove these. 

How to break down your cardboard boxes

Before your cardboard can be stored for recycling it needs to be broken down. 

Breaking down a cardboard box is relatively simple, the first thing to do is make sure all the plastic or vinyl packing tape that was used to secure the box shut, is removed and put in with general rubbish as this is not biodegradable. In the case of paper tape, this can be left on as it is biodegradable. 

Once the non-biodegradable elements of the box have been removed then the box can be flattened ready for recycling or composting. Fold the top and bottom flaps outward and push the opposite corners together, the box should fold flat, making it easier to store and transport.

Remember to regularly recycle your cardboard boxes, as boxes that end up landfill unnecessarily release methane gas which has a drastic effect on the environment. 

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