What’s the difference between Single wall boxes and Double wall boxes?

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Within our industry, we have a recurring question with our consumers, questioning the difference between single was and double wall cardboard, which is the most beneficial for their purpose and which choice is stronger.

We decided to answer this question, just for you, so read on.

The difference between the single wall and double wall comes from the different types of fluting that have been used.

Not sure what fluting is?

Fluting is the thickness of the cardboard box which assists the formation and the core strength of the box.

So do single wall boxes have fluting?

In single wall boxes there are three common flutes that are implemented when producing the box, these are:

E Flute: This type of flute is the thinnest of the three, which is a great choice for lighter, smaller objects.

B & C Flutes: This choice of flute is of a thicker quantity that provides more protection against damage in transit.

Still with us?

What about Double wall boxes, do they have flutes?

Double wall boxes also have flutes! These types of cardboard boxes have a 2-layer fluting system, which allows the box to absorb a higher level of strength and protects items in transit more securely.

The most common flute type used within double wall boxes is a B/C combination, which is a B flute and a C flute intertwined.

So what are the core facts?

Single Wall Cardboard Box:

  • Single wall cardboard boxes are composed of one layer of fluting (E, B, C)
  • This type of box type is commonly used for light items while moving and if used within the commercial sector, this type of box is used regularly used as shipping packages as they are cheaper then double wall packaging.
  • By utilising a single wall cardboard box, with a larger flute, this will be a cheaper option compared to the double wall. This source of box is used regularly and in demand with companies such as E-commerce stores involving clothing and snack stores.

Furthermore, it is a great source to utilise if you want to move home and have some light, small objects you wish to protect in transit.

Double Wall Cardboard Box:

  • Double wall cardboard boxes are produced to endure in events such as transit that can withstand more damage.
  • Double wall can also be a great necessity if you wish to stack your boxes and they will be able to endure a higher level of weight compared to single wall cardboard boxes.
  • Items that are fragile or of a heavy presence will be protected due to the thickness of the flute involved. These items will be protected and will be secure, whether that is being in transit or in storage as they are also made to last long-term for future usage.

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