what are die-cut cardboard boxes and what are their benefits?

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Die-cut cardboard boxes are made from cardboard that has been cut with an industrial-strength cutter. This allows the box to be cut precisely to your own individual specifications, this, in turn, produces a flat outline that can then be folded and slotted together to create a sturdy form of packaging for your goods. They’re swift and easy to make and, once templated can be replicated easily.

Die-cut is affordable:

Because of the nature of die-cuts construction and manufacturing process, they are relatively affordable, compared to say, solid board boxes. Part of the affordability comes from the fact that instead of staples and glue holding everything together, they simply fold and slot together.

They’re swift to manufacture:

Another main advantage of die-cut cardboard boxes is their manufacturing process is relatively quick. This is down to the fact that once you’ve selected the dimensions, thickness and shape you require for your packaging they can be templated and punched out allowing for many identical boxes to be created at once.

Die-cut is more eco-friendly and economical:

Because the cutting tool is so accurate there is a lot less waste material, which is great for those who are conscious about their impact on the environment. Similarly, because only one tool is used in the cutting process, not several, the overall process is more economical in cost and you’ll end up with uniformity in your finished packaging product.

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