How to use your cardboard boxes effectively

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Whether you’ve just moved house or you have had a splurge and ordered a door full of online goodies, we all find ourselves with an excess of cardboard lying around squished by the bin – it’s been estimated that each of us in the UK, we use about 140  cardboard boxes every year. But what can you do with all of it? Just throw it away? Well, this would be a huge waste, because there’s so much that can be done with cardboard than you might think.

So, here are a few ways you can use your cardboard boxes.



First there’s the obvious one: you recycle them. It’s a sustainable option and is the choice adopted by most people; in fact, over three quarters of cardboard is now recycled, which of course, is environmentally friendly. Some statistics even suggest that for each ton of recycled cardboard, around 17 trees are saved, as well as over 4000 Kw/hours of electricity. So get recycling and save the planet!



Compost – By mulching your cardboard you can add this, bulk and soak up excess water in any compost heap.

Weed prevention – Cardboard can be a great barrier against weeds and a strong protection for your plants against damage. For weed control, simply place a few layers of cardboard down in your problematic areas and the weeds will struggle to get through. You can even use old boxes filled with soil to create raised beds for new planting – so no need to spend lots of cash!

Germinating seeds -  you can also use cardboard to can assist with germination. Embed a few seeds in a dampened piece of cardboard and place beneath the soil and the cardboard will help the plants to grow.



Cardboard boxes are designed mainly for storage naturally, so why not carry that on at home?

This can range from storing toys, all the way to filing away those pesky documents that bundle on the dining room table and kitchen draws. Cardboard is also good for more long term storage in attics or basements, for example packing away old clothes!

Other odd jobs can make use of cardboard – cutting sections out to make labels, for example, or producing signs at home events. There is also, of course, repurposing cardboard boxes for gift giving around birthdays or the Christmas annual gift buying trek – simply decorate with wrapping paper and voila! No need to buy overpriced gift boxes!

Advice: Some of the smaller and more stronger boxes can be used as makeshift shelving!


Creative Opportunity 

If you’ve exhausted all the useful options for cardboard (well done you!), there’s always the creative side! There are plenty of examples out there of cardboard art projects, from simple cute designs to the more professional statues and motifs put together by actual cardboard artists.

The trend of cardboard furniture has even begun to emerge, with anything from chairs to lamp shades being made.


So, there are so many different directions you can go when it comes to cardboard – who knew!

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