Top Uses Around the Home For Your Old Cardboard Boxes

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Used cardboard packaging can cause a significant amount of clutter around the home. Even if you regularly recycle, chances are that larger items will be forced to sit around until collection day.

However, there is an alternative to simply piling up your recycling bags with used boxes. Reusing your boxes is a cheap and handy solution to help with storage and the useful use of space within your home.

Store and organise your electrical cables

This is particularly useful if you have any small to medium-sized boxes lying around. Take your box and fit as many toilet roll holders as will fit vertically inside. Once assembled these individual compartments make the ideal place to store electrical cables such as chargers and USB cables.

Recyclable sawhorses

Large cardboard boxes are ideal as sawhorses, despite being light in weight they are remarkably sturdy under stress and what’s more, they are easily collapsible for efficient storage. Once they’ve reached the end of their useful life then you can resign them to the recycling.

Dispenser box

A great way to organise all those plastic carrier bags that you inevitably end up storing every time you come back from the supermarket.

Take your plastic carrier bags and straighten them out, following on layer them on top of each other. Once you have your bags layered take a smallish sized cardboard box and stack the bags inside. Seal the box up, then cut a small hole in the top this will allow you to pull individual bags out as and when you need them.

There are a host of financial and environmental benefits to reusing your cardboard. At Bosworth Wright, we have been crafting wholesale cardboard packaging solutions since the 1920s. As a result, we are committed to creating products that are durable but also eco-friendly and sustainable. Contact us today to see what packaging solutions we can offer your business.

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