Top safety tips for commercial packaging

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Businesses all around the world use cardboard packaging to send their items to their customers. But regardless of the type of box you use, it is important that the safety and security of the package are considered before an item is sent.

Now more than ever, businesses are opting to use online platforms to sell their services and products. As online shopping is becoming a popular choice for many customers, businesses need to meet the demand and offer a delivery option.

Needless to say, a lot of business and money would be lost if items were received damaged or the packaging had been tampered with.

We’ve put together our top tips to ensure your items are sent and received, safely and customer satisfaction is achieved.

Choose the correct type of box

There are various types of boxes available, each serving its own purposes. The common type of box used for packaging is corrugated cardboard. Due to its strength and durable properties, it is commonly used for shipping to factories, warehouses, packaging and storing

Packaging materials

To minimise the risk of damage during transit, it is important to ensure each item is tightly packed to allow less movement during the delivery process. If the item is a lot smaller than the box, then it is best to use recyclable plastic packaging materials to create a safety padding around the item. This would help create a barrier and keep the item safe during transit.

Wrap each item separately

If you are sending multiple items it is always advised to wrap each item individually. This is to ensure its safety during transit and that the items don’t cause any damage to the other items in the parcel.

Use correct labelling

If you are sending items that needed to be handled in a certain way, it is important that it is clearly labelled on the box. Whether it is a fragile item that needs to be handled with care or the specific item that needs to be kept upright, clear and consider labelling can really be helpful.

Taking special care of how your item is packaged will prevent a lot of wasted time and money and will ensure your customers and clients receive their purchased product without any damage.


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