Top reasons why cardboard packaging is ideal for the food and drinks industry

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For many years, cardboard and durable brown paper have been a popular choice for packaging in various different industries. Food and drink industries, in particular, have commonly used cardboard packaging to import, deliver and sell their produce. 

Research suggests that 60% of cardboard material manufacturing is dedicated to Food and Drink sector. Why is it so popular? We’ll go through a few reasons why below…

1. Versatile

One of the best advantages we all know about cardboard packaging is that it can be very versatile in the shape and size it can come in.

  •  It offers simple retail solutions to package items safely and securely
  • Strong enough to protect the product during transit
  • Shelf ready packaging
  • Can be customised for specific functions
  • Great eco-friendly alternative over plastic and polystyrene packaging options

2 . Custom designed

Cardboard is a great product that can be customised and designed to suit your branding. There any many different options available to showcase your branding or artwork, especially if the food or drink item will be placed on shop shelves, it needs to stand out from the competition.

3. Keeps the produce safe

Not only is cardboard packaging functional, but it’s also great for keeping produce hygienic and fresh for longer. When cardboard is produced, layers of paper are bonded at high temperatures which means that it is sanitised throughout the manufacturing process.

4. Cost-effective

For any company, especially small startups, using cardboard is a great cost-effective method for packaging food and drink products. Many businesses still use it till date, as it is easy to get hold of and doesn’t incur high shipping costs due to its lightweight. 

5. Eco-friendly

Using corrugated cardboard for packaging any type of food or drink product is definitely an environmentally conscious choice. Cardboard packaging is the perfect option when there is a huge need to cut down on usage of plastics as a nation. 

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