Solid Cardboard box vs Corrugated… What’s the difference?

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When it comes to the packaging of any item, regardless of size and weight, the first material we think of using is a cardboard box. However, if you are a packaging specialist there are usually two options that are considered. These are the solid cardboard box and the corrugated box.

So which is more suitable?


Well, that would depend on the item you are planning on shipping or what you will be using the box for. If you have a lightweight product to create such as cereal boxes or greeting cards, then a cardboard box works great. Corrugated boxes are often stronger than cardboard boxes and are more used for retail packaging, pizza boxes and some shipping boxes


What’s the difference?



corrugated 1    cardboard 1

Corrugated boxes are made up of layers of paper, which makes the material stronger and durable
Cardboard: Cardboard is usually made of thick brown paper known as paperboard.


corrugated 2    cardboard 2

Corrugated boxes are designed for shipping purposes, pizza delivery boxes and also for any retail packaging.
Cardboard: The main use for cardboard is greeting cards, cereal boxes and also for smaller consumer goods packaging.


corrugated 3    corrugated 3

Both cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes are widely recycled.

Design/ Advertising:

Corrugated boxes can be easily printed onto from a variety of colours, designs and text.
Cardboard: Cardboard material is more flexible, therefore can be shaped to most designs for food cartons or different shaped greeting cards.


Solid Board Cardboard


At Bosworth Wright, not only do we offer corrugated and cardboard boxes, we also have a range of Solid Board boxes when you need the extra durability to transport your goods. They are extra rigid and designed to withhold significant weights.

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