Recycling Your Christmas Packaging: A Guide

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Whilst Christmas is a time for celebration and spending time with family and friends, there’s no denying that it has also become a time of excess. Food, drink, presents they all mount up, and then, of course, there’s all the wrapping and packaging!

It’s fair to say the excess of waste paper and card is a major environmental strain, it’s estimated that we go through roughly 300,000 tons of cardboard at Christmas alone! So even the most environmentally conscious of people struggle to keep on top of the recycling at this time of year.

If you’re a business owner, particularly one that operates in the retail sector, chances are that you’ve been inundated with mountains of cardboard packaging. This can be a massive problem particularly if space is limited.

In order to help keep your business and you’re conscience as clear as possible Bosworth Wright has come up with this handy guide to help with recycling your excess packaging.

Can I Recycle Wrapping & Packing Paper?

The simple answer is yes and no! Some wrapping paper can’t be recycled. Glittery paper is a no-no as the plastics contained within will contaminate other recycled paper.

If your paper doesn’t contain glittery elements then chances are it can be recycled but be sure to remove leftover sellotape. In the case of packing paper, most brown paper can be recycled as with wrapping paper be sure to remove all the parcel tape to avoid cross-contamination.

Recycling Cardboard Packaging

Wholesale cardboard boxes suck as corrugated card and die-cut boxes, can easily be recycled or even reused if they’re still in good condition. Solid board can also be recycled providing that there are no plastic coatings applied if the box is held together with metal staples then be sure to remove them before recycling.

Commercial cardboard packaging can often be recycled, however, a similar rule to wrapping paper applies if there are traces of glitter as this will cause contamination.

If you’re looking for economical wholesale cardboard packaging supplies in the Leicester area, then contact Bosworth Wright today. Based in Leicestershire we serve the entire Midlands and beyond. Contact us today to arrange a quote.

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