The Pandemic & The Humble Cardboard Box

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The lifestyle and outlooks on life have drastically evolved over the past few months as a result of the recent pandemic of COVID-19. As the nation continues to survive, the way we work, shop, eat and play have all had to be adapted to defend ourselves from the virus and to stop prevent it from spreading further.

Due to the strict guidelines of staying at home from the government, many people decided to change their shopping habits and move onto online shopping.

From food, clothing, grooming devices and gardening tools, everything has been made accessible online. This has inevitably resulted in a surge in demand for cardboard boxes for packing and delivery.

Pre pandemic, the humble cardboard box would go unnoticed, either dumped in a spare room, ruthlessly condensed & thrown away or if you were kind to the environment; it would get recycled. But now, the cardboard box has been a life saviour for those parents working from home, as we all know a cardboard box can provide endless hours of fun for the little creative minds in the house.

The sound of the door bell is no longer of expected friends and family, it is now the welcome sound for a home package delivery.

Delivery services have also changed with contact less systems and social distances rules applied. Long gone at the friendly chats with the postman as you receive your much-awaited delivery – although you can still have a conversation provided you are 2 meters apart!

Many of you will be asking the same questions, which is – Is the box safe to touch?

There are many articles online that suggest that the virus can make its way into your home if it is touched. But it is always a good idea to use precautionary methods.

Here are a few points of advice:

  • Disinfect all packages you receive
  • Wash hands after handling packages from outside
  • Leave the package untouched for a day if possible (take above measures as extra precautions)


It has been a very challenging time for everyone and just like the cardboard box, we need to discover how we can repurpose, reuse and rebuild our lives again post-pandemic.

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