Packaging Your Product: Bosworth Wrights Guide To Getting Noticed

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The packaging is the first part of any product that you really see, it can be the make or break of your product appealing to a customer and ultimately selling or not. In some cases, if done right, it can also become as memorable as the product you’re selling (think Coca Cola’s bottles colour scheme and logos). So to emphasise this point Bosworth Wright have compiled our top tips to how to make your packaging competitive in today’s market.

Good packaging will catch the eye


As stated earlier, the packaging is the first part of the product hat the consumer sees. Making it pleasing to the eye is going to stand you in good stead of getting noticed. There are literally thousands of options you have at your disposal, from the bright and the bold through to concept packaging that tells a story.

Your choice of packaging can help with branding


Using company colours, fonts and logos on your packaging is the first step to becoming an established name. Think McDonald’s, Dominos Pizza et al. they all have a signature colour scheme and logo that makes them instantly recognisable. We’re not saying that following suit will make your product a commercial success overnight, but it will help establish your brand and an established brand is more often than not a trusted one.

Low cost doesn’t always mean low quality


Some of the biggest brands in the world use relatively cheap packaging. You can still make an impact with a basic product package by simply using the correct colour schemes and typography.

Eco-friendly is consumer-friendly


Recyclable packaging is thankfully something on the rise. As more and more companies take stock of the more eco-conscious consumer’s demands, more products are being packaged in biodegradable materials. Showing your target audience that the environmental impact of your company is something that you take seriously not only has a positive impact on the way your company is viewed but ultimately will help reduce the number of landfill items.

Contact Bosworth Wright today to discuss your wholesale packaging needs. We’ve been in the industry of packaging since the 1920’s so we have the expertise to fulfil your requirements. We can offer a range of packaging from corrugated card to luxury, covered solid board.


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