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Based in Leicester, Bosworth Wright has been developing a cardboard manufacturing process for many years.

Although time has moved on and we have advanced quite ahead in technology, nothing yet preplaces cardboard packaging. Businesses heavily rely on cheap but quality materials to use in order to ship their products safely to their customers.

Cardboard packaging has fit the bill for many years and it still remains to be the preferred option for packaging. It’s lightweight and buildable properties, makes it an ideal material to use to package any type of non-perishable product.

At our warehouse in Leicester, there are many different types of cardboard we offer, from corrugated to die-cut boxes to solid boxes, we can create a bespoke solution for the desired outcome.

Working with many businesses from different industries, we take the time to understand the business packaging needs and requirements in order to create custom-made packaging solutions.

Personalisation – Customer made cardboard boxes

Recently, personalised packaging is becoming a trend, with businesses trying to get creative with their packaging and want to leave a lasting impression on their customers. Using company colours, fonts and logos on cardboard packaging is the first step into becoming an established brand.

All our cardboard packaging begins with flat sheets of the board (either corrugated or solid). We then form these sheets into cartons or boxes with lids. This is done using specialist machinery, operated by our highly trained and skilled staff who have a wealth of experience in the industry.

Custom cardboard boxes

If you’d like to enquire about ordering cardboard packaging solutions from here at Bosworth Wright, get in touch today. We deliver within a 30-mile radius of Leicester, which includes Nottingham and Leicestershire so if you are local, make us your first choice for all of your cardboard packaging needs.

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