Why is a corrugated cardboard used for packaging?

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Lightweight, robust and inexpensive is just some of the characteristics of a cardboard box that makes it the perfect candidate for the packaging industry. In 1856, two English men, Healey and Allen first created the corrugated paper and since then it’s been fine-tuned and developed to meet the packaging needs of today. 

Corrugated cardboard is made out of an arched paper type of design known as fluting, This then fits in between two lines which gives the cardboard the corrugated look. We’ve explored the top advantages of why corrugated cardboard is often the most popular choice for packaging.


Unlike other packaging materials, cardboard is extremely lightweight and is able to hold and carry heavy loads whilst not adding any significant weight to the packaged item. This allows cardboard to be an ideal option for packaging as it makes mailing and transportation convenient and easy. 


Cardboard packaging plays a huge role in protecting items during transit. It is incredibly effective for protecting items that are both fragile and non-fragile and also ideal for protecting food and drink items. Properties such as shock resistance, thermal insulation and durability, makes corrugated packaging a great solution for protecting goods. 

Easily customisable

Cardboard packaging is great for customisation. You can easily add print work and design to complement business branding and also use it as a means to convey your marketing message across to the customer. Whether it’s an addition of a business logo, advertising, or personalised customisation, cardboard boxes are very effective in increasing brand awareness. 

Recyclable & sustainable

One of the best advantages of cardboard boxes is that they are all recyclable. Not only are they effective in packaging, promoting businesses and transporting goods, but they are also equally sustainable and environmentally friendly. More than 80% of corrugated cardboard packaging is reported to be recycled in the UK alone, which is at the highest rate compared to other packaging materials. 


Corrugated cardboard boxes are some of the least expensive materials available for packaging. The low cost of labour, shipping costs and tools needed to manufacturer the boxes, makes cardboard the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. There is also minimal waste with cardboard packaging as anything not used can be easily folded back up and stored away, or can be used for another purpose.

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