The core benefits of using die cut cardboard boxes for your business

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Today, we will be discussing the benefits of die cut cardboard boxes and how they can make a fantastic impact on your business strategy.

When it comes to this form of a cardboard box, the hint is in the name.

Die cutting is where you wish to have a cardboard box shaped and cut in a specific and unique way and with your assistance defining the dimensions and size of the cardboard box itself.

We use both corrugated cardboard boxes and solid board materials to create the perfect cut carton for you and your requirements. Within your consultation, our specialists will discuss with you your needs such as design, size and quantity – creating the perfect bespoke service for you.


Die cut packaging proceeds to give a professional and sleek form of packaging, which in itself is also affordable and fast approaching. With this easy and creative form of cardboard box, your customer will be able to enjoy an edgy design with durable properties.

Little Equipment

With this fantastic source of cardboard box, there is no need to involve equipment such as glue or staples as these cleverly designed boxes will have slots to keep your cardboard box in a secure form, keeping them closed until you wish to open them. With this in mind, these boxes are perfect for your customers who need their products shipped as they will be kept secure and closed until you wish your customers to open them.

Variety of style

Die cut boxes can be supplied with a variety of style and shape so your boxes will look exactly how you designed them and will look professional.

With our equipment, each die cut cardboard box will be given uniformity, making sure that every box that you send out to your customers will be the same size, style and shape.

Helps the planet

Another benefit is that die cut cardboard boxes can be inexpensive due to the little wastage they create when they are being produced so they are a fantastic source for a green environmentally friendly company.


With our extensive experience trading in many shapes and forms of cardboard boxes, we deliver a vast range of designs and styles with die cut boxes. We can also produce special presentation graphics and create a personalisation system for you and your customers.

With our speed and consistency, our die cut boxes don’t take long to make at all and will take minimum time building them at the end of the process as well as with their specialised tabs and slots in place for ease and quick productivity.

Looking for a supplier?

Here at Bosworth Wright, we specialise in a whole range of cardboard boxes, from die cut to corrugated and covered solid board boxes and much more.

We value all our customers and commit to providing high quality and professional services, with a personal and bespoke touch. As a family run business, we understand the value of trust and loyalty and will provide you with the strength, design and material that you need for you and your business.

If you believe that die cut packaging is the design you have been searching for, for you and your customers to both enjoy, then contact our specialists today where you can assist you in delivering packaging that provides both confidence and style.

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