Choosing the right cardboard box for your goods.

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A cardboard box is the most favourite option for packing and storing any item. They are a good choice for sending parcels, moving houses, and also for retail services.

With so many different types of boxes to choose from, it’s no wonder we don’t always get it right when selecting the right type of box for our goods.

Whether it is corrugated or Die Cut Carton boxes, it’s important to understand which type you need.


Size does matter


It’s important to select a box size that can comfortably fit the items you’d like to store. If you were planning on shipping goods, then there would need to be adequate space around the items for padding in order to keep the items safe.

Selecting a box that is too big for the item can cause issues not only during transit, as there is more chances of the item being moved around freely in the box, but you are also wasting space and cardboard.

So selecting the right size of the box can help prevent breakages and keep your items safe right until they are delivered.


Don’t forget about the travel


It goes without saying that it is vital any package should be able to travel from A to B without any or minimal damage. If your items are bulky and heavy, you would need to consider cardboard packaging that is will hold dense items. Any fragile items would need extra care and consideration when packaging as you can expect there to be a lot of movement during transit.


If you’re unsure which box would be right for you then why not contact our experienced team. They know everything you could possibly know about cardboard boxes and are more than happy to give you useful advice and guidance!

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