Why You Should Choose Cardboard as a Sustainable Packaging Option

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There’s no denying it, industrial waste has become a huge problem for industries across the world and as more and more businesses look to a greener and more sustainable option, cardboard has become the go-to material when it comes to packaging.

Cardboard has many advantages as a packaging material, it’s affordable, easy to make and sturdy, however, one of its biggest advantages comes in the form of sustainability, whereas other materials like plastics can leave waste for the landfill, cardboard has a much greener profile, so, with that said Bosworth Wright Talk you through the main advantages of switching your industrial packaging to cardboard, today.

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Cardboard has one of lowest environmental impacts of any material

On average takes up less (up to 60%) CO2 and oil emissions during the manufacture of cardboard. This means straight out of the gate cardboard is a much more environmentally friendly material than its main competitors.

Cardboard packaging is recyclable and biodegradable

100%, if you want the exact figures! It can be reused and recycled so it creates way less industrial waste. Cardboard is cellulose, which means it decomposes rapidly given the right conditions, i.e humid or wet. This means at the end of its useful life, a cardboard box can be broken down completely leaving zero harmful waste.

Recycled cardboard packaging retains its integrity and strength

Corrugated cardboard packaging, in particular, does not lose its durability or resistance when recycled. In addition, recycling corrugated cardboard boxes is much more economical when it comes to costs, meaning it’s not only better for the environment but also better for your business overheads!

Recycling cardboard boxes is a great way to save energy

Some interesting statistics for you: It takes up to 90% less water and up to 50% less energy to manufacture cardboard, than other leading packaging materials. This not only helps with your business’s carbon footprint, but also allows those resources to be utilised elsewhere.

Help your business become sustainable choose a bespoke packaging supplier Leicester, with Bosworth Wright

Bosworth Wright has been in the business of creating bespoke cardboard packaging solutions for over 100 years! We pride ourselves on our level of expertise and outstanding customer service. Our dedicated team serves the entirety of the East Midlands, from our base in Leicester, through to Nottingham and Northampton.

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