Why choose cardboard as a packaging material?

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The type of packaging materials you choose for your business can have a positive or negative impact on your brand and impression, which is why it’s important to select packaging material that showcases your brand and marketing.

Today most customers are aware of the impact of non-recyclable packaging materials and the damage they can cause to the environment and planet. This is why using recyclable materials such as cardboard packaging is a huge selling point in itself.

Since the pandemic, we’ve all taken internet shopping on board and are now accustomed to making instant purchases online and opting for next day delivery. This suggests that the packaging needs to be even more eye-catching at the initial impression for the consumer as they don’t spend much time inspecting the item, as they would do in a brick and mortar shop.


So what is it about the cardboard material that makes it the ideal choice for packaging?


  • Versatile: Cardboard is a great material to work with. It’s available in various different sizes, shapes and can be customised with colour, images, branding etc. 
  • Recyclable: Using a recyclable material gives you the edge over your competitors that primarily use plastic in their packaging. Cardboard is widely recycled and can be turned into many everyday household essentials such as cereal boxes, paper towels and tissues.
  • Cost-effective: Cardboard is an inexpensive option for packaging compared to many other materials such as plastic. Cardboard is cost-effective and easy to manage, especially if you are shipping a large number of items. 
  • Practical: Cardboard is great for storing and stacking especially if you are limited with storage space. It’s also easy to transport and move around making the shipping and transition process easy and stress-free.

If you would like to invest in cost-effective and environmentally friendly packaging material for your business, then speak to our team today or send us a message here.

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