6 benefits of using custom made cardboard boxes

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Many businesses are now investing more into their packaging and how their product is presented to the end-user. With the rise of online deliveries, it has become a trend to offer the customer a full shopping experience from the initial click to purchase, right up until the customer receives the item.

The box you choose now matters more than before. The packaging is created to represent the brand as it’s the first thing customers will see upon receiving their order. Creating an ‘instagramable’ and custom packaging box, will enhance the overall shopping experience and create a long-lasting impression on the customer. 

We’ve put together 6 advantages for choosing custom made corrugated cardboard boxes!

Improving the product safety

Your package will be going on a bumpy adventure once shipped, so to avoid unnecessary damage caused by shocks or vibrations, a custom fit box helps to keep the items intact and reduces movement. The last thing you’d want is for your customer to receive a damaged product! 

Professional touch

Using a customer made cardboard box give you the opportunity to get really creative with the packaging and branding. You can customise the marketing message, colours, add printed graphics etc. All this can be made possible on the corrugated cardboard box option. By showcasing your brand on the packaging, it helps to improve the customer experience.

Custom size and shape

The customised size and shape of the box will not only keep the items safe during transit, but it will also help to reduce any unnecessary packaging. A customised box option gives you the control to design the box to suit your product and branding.

Reducing costs

As you know, cardboard packaging is one of the most cost-effective ways to ship an item. And although a customised option would increase the price, the overall results are still highly affordable especially for companies who buy their packaging in bulk. 


By opting for a customised cardboard box packaging solution, you are reducing the amount of unnecessary cardboard required, therefore saving the planet! Corrugated cardboard boxes are usually already made from 60-90% of recycled materials, so to use those again is great for the environment. Sometimes a customised box can become a keepsake and customers will hold onto it or use it for storage instead of throwing it into a landfill. 

Stand out from the crowd

If you want to stand out from the competition then a customised box is what you need to invest in. With the current surge of online shopping, nearly all companies are using cardboard boxes to ship their products to their customers. A high-quality custom design that reflects your brand will help your box stand out from the rest.

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