4 ways to use your cardboard boxes this Halloween!

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Are you struggling to think of new ways to make this Halloween fun for the family this year? If you have moved house there is a large chance that you have your equipment right in front of you to explore with – cardboard boxes.

Even if you haven’t moved recently, it is highly likely you have some cardboard boxes roaming around from recent purchases online.

Halloween is the perfect excuse to get creative with your boxes by transforming them into ghoulish decorations or scary costumes! This is a great time to connect with the children as it involves decorating and designing and releasing their inner creativity.

In this blog, we uncover 4 ways to utilise your cardboard boxes into spooky crafts for the ghoulish season.

Spooky Spiders


  • Cardboard box
  • Black Paint
  • White Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Black tape
  • Black pipe cleaners
  • String/ fishing line

First, take your box and paint the box black – make sure there are no rips, fear not if there is, simply place matte masking tape over the top and paint over.

Next, leave this to dry completely and paint a funny or spooky face on it in white paint. Leave to dry.

Pipe cleaners are your next step for the legs! Pierce four small holes either side for the scary dangly legs and attach these with tape.

Finally once your spider has been completed, simply attach string or fishing line to the top of your spider and hang from the ceiling or staircase.

Tip: Make a few to create a whole scene of scary spiders!

Pumpkin Stacks


  • 3 different sized cardboard boxes
  • Orange Paint
  • Coloured Paper
  • Black markers
  • Glitter – optional
  • Googly eyes – a must!
  • Strong double sided tape

Not interested in buying real pumpkins? Have no fear – this decoration tip is here!

Select three cardboard boxes, all different sizes.

Paint each box orange and add a face using paint, markers or paper and googly-eyes.

Add glitter for some sparkle if you wish, and then stack the boxes from largest to smallest, securing them together with strong double sided tape.

Place the pumpkin stack on your doorstep for an interesting piece on your doorstep or use as a centrepiece on the table for a spooky Halloween dinner!

Monster Heads


  • Any size box – as long as it fits over your Childs head
  • Paint – depending on chosen theme
  • Scissors for holes – for eyes

This can be a great costume piece for your child at Halloween.

You can paint, use black markers and/or use coloured paper to create their favourite monster!

It could be a zombie themed, a ghost, frankensteins monster or a vampire – to name a few.

This doesn’t have to be used as a costume piece, this could also be used as a decoration around the house and could be lit up with led lights to make the eyes glow. Do not use real candles!

Garden Graveyard scene


  • Tall and thin cardboard boxes
  • Paint – grey, black, white
  • Black markers

This is a fun and easy decoration to make for your front porch or around the house, simply using your cardboard boxes!

For this crafty idea, we recommend to use thin and tall cardboard boxes as this would resemble gravestones perfectly.

Paint your boxes black and then coat over with grey for a two tone effect.

Use black markers to produce a picture like a Dracula face or the Mummy to assign your grave to that monster.

Create unknown death dates for a more spooky hype.

The more you make, the larger your graveyard experience!

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