4 facts you didn’t know about the corrugated cardboard box

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Cardboard boxes are our pride and joy, but what does the term mean to you?

Let us guess, products such as toilet rolls, cereal boxes and online shopping – you aren’t the only one to think of that process.

But cardboard boxes are so much more than that, they play a vital part in our lives. With more online retail stores saying yes to cardboard boxes as their packaging, we are receiving a vast amount of cardboard boxes year on year.

Here at Bosworth Wright, we provide a variety of cardboard boxes and suitable interior packaging, providing the safest solution to your goods. Due to their lightweight durability and security, we thought we would write this blog and provide you with some fun facts about cardboard boxes that you might not have known.

Fact 1: Layers in 1800’s fashion

The cardboard box has had a long history, but it wasn’t until 1893 that the cardboard box had a development. The use of layers of corrugated cardboard, like we use today, was created and used for shipping properties.

In just a short 10 years, corrugated cardboard boxes replaced the likes of the popular wooden boxes and crates that were used regularly in that time. The official era of the cardboard box began.  

Fact 2: Eco-friendly properties

In terms of cardboard boxes go, corrugated cardboard boxes are the official winner of being the most environmentally-friendly packing source.

With their properties such as being non-toxic and environmentally safe, they are also recyclable as they are created from recycled cardboard boxes.

Fact 3: In full use

Here in the UK, statistics suggest that around 4.5 billion corrugated cardboard boxes are used annually, from commercial to industrial services. This figure will only rise, especially with the use of online retailers and will increase globally by 5% over the next 5-6 years.

Fact 4: Layers  

What is the design of the corrugated cardboard box you may ask?  

There are three layers that are then shaped and formed together. After this process, the material is then cut to size, printed and glued together to form what we know today as the corrugated cardboard box.

Did you enjoy our fun facts blog on corrugated cardboard boxes? Don’t hesitate to get in touch to enquire about our services today!

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