3 common types of cardboard boxes

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Many of us assume all cardboard boxes are the same and pretty basic, but it is their formation that makes them suitable for different uses.

The 3 most common types of cardboard used in packaging are, corrugated box, folding cartons and the rigid box. Each box starts off the same with cardboard sheets as the base but then enhanced further to suit its usage.

You’d be surprised how an extra layer of paper can make a huge difference to the strength and durability of the cardboard box.

There are many types of cardboard boxes out there for different purposes, but we’ll be going through the 3 main boxes that we see the most often.


1: Corrugated boxes


corrugated box

The most common type of box formation is the trusted corrugated box. This type of box is made up of 3 layers which consist of a corrugated fibreboard, paperboard and card stock.

A wavy sheet is glued between two outer flat layers, which is what we can usually see from all sides of the sheet.

This type of box is widely used across the world for industrial packaging and can be designed in a variety of colours, styles and sizes.

Properties of a corrugated box

  • Lightweight
  • Strong
  • Can be easily printed on
  • Available in various sizes and styles
  • Widely recyclable


2: Folding Cartons


folding carton

Folding cartons are what you see usually in most retail and shopping stores. They are much lighter than a corrugated box, which makes them ideal for food packaging.

Cartons are simply made with paperboard that is usually printed, laminated and cut into shape before they are folded and ready to be transported to the packers. You’ll notice most cartons are designed with folded tabs, to make it easier for the box to lock without the need for extra adhesive.

Properties of a folding carton

  • Lightweight
  • Can be easily printed on
  • Widely recyclable
  • Available in various sizes and styles


3: Rigid Boxes


rigid box

Rigid boxes, as their name suggests, are much sturdier and stronger than folding cartons. As they don’t fold or collapse, they are generally used for transporting more delicate items that are prone to damage during transportation.

You’ll often associate these types of boxes with higher end product packaging such an iPhone box.

Properties of a Rigid box

  • Strong
  • Available in different sizes and styles
  • Durable


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